XONAR Clinical Research

XONAR Clinical Research is your specialized consultancy partner in medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical clinical research, a company that supports you with professional advice and strategic solutions for project specific, short, and long-term assignments.

XONAR Clinical Research provides hands-on support and is able to fully cover internal and external clinical research project execution to meet your clinical research requirements.


"XONAR Clinical Research aims to be your catalyst for scientific development and market access. We challenge the current interpretation of consultancy and return to its definition: “a person(s) who provide expert advice professionally”.

With the unique XONAR CR approach we go a step beyond by actually transferring knowledge from our consultants to your team, implementable across multiple and future projects.

Hein Descamps


Advisory, Mentorship and Hands-on support


RA/EC Submission
Document Creation
EC/CA management


Regulatory Writing
Literature review
CE obtention and renewal


Clinical Development
Trial Design & set-up
Trial Management
Trial close-out



Collaboration & Partnership

Collaboration and Partnership are fundamental pillars of our DNA. Working together, both internally & externally, amplifies collective strength and propels shared success.


Your Strategic partner & expert advisor

Your strategic partner in mutual engagement, supporting you to define the roadmap of your clinical study. We identify possible barriers and obstacles to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your clinical trajectory.


Transperancy & knowledge transfer

Transperancy and knowledge transfer are our business cornerstones. A core objective is to transfer knowledge from our consultants to your team, not only sharing the results of a task but also the process.


Passionate about CR & human growth

All that we do, we do it with a passion for clinical research and human growth. Supporting you to change people’s life’s by bringing new medical products to the market.

This is XONAR CR

XONAR Clinical Research supports you with professional advice to define your clinical research pathway strategy and provides hands-on operational support to meet your clinical research requirements.

  • We strive to be your key role partner, easily reachable and flexible to your needs.
  • XONAR Clinical Research has the know-how and experience to efficiently execute and/or support your clinical trial.
  • We help you to bring your product efficiently to the market, reducing costs and increasing the chances of success, resulting in a positive outcome for your company, society, and the patient.

Interested to collaborate?
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